the small and beautiful Remedios with a big tradition

The village of Remedios, also called San Juan de los Remedios, is a historic and very beautiful colonial village located in the center of the island nad belong to Villa Clara Province and where its inhabitants treasure their traditional folk festival .

The most festive parties of December
Remedios has a unique  traditional customs, among them the famous and most emblematic celebration of the town “Las Parrandas de Remedios”. On December 24, the date on which La Parranda takes place, all “remediano” is in the streets ready to support your neighborhood in the competition.
All the partisipants presents throughout the afternoon and night everything in which they have turned their efforts during the whole year.
Between congas, changüíesand their impressive games of lights such as  the pyrotechnics shows several exhibitions that turn night into day.

That is why more tourists come to enjoy and witness this explosion, joy, music and dance.

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