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The new Piaggio MP3 Scooter rental in Havana. This is the new highlight for many tourist, who want to make their own city tour visiting museums, art galleries, churches,  historical sites and relax at the outdoor cafes to enjoy a pleasant meal or just spend the day at the Santa Maria beach . And this is why Havana has a wide variety of interesting places to enjoy, therefore renting this scooter is he best possible way to get explore all about this city and all Cuba.

This Piaggio MP3 Scooter rental is a lightweight, agile and highly practical scooter with the three-wheel technology. The two wheels in the front and one in the back, that has revolutionized and diversified the use of the scooter.  In addition the articulated  quadrilateral suspension behind the te two front wheels  guaranties more stability, performance and consequently safety on all surfaces. This simple system is also equipped with Roll Lock, so the Piaggio MP3 does not need to put its feet on the ground to remain upright. This means that the parking of this scooter is even easier, safe and fast.
It also has a 300-cc engine and offers greater comfort and maximum functionality. The elegantly designed motor was built for better performance and low gas consumption and is more environmentally friendly. The innovative and balanced MP3 motor also comes with RIDE-BY-WIRE technology an electric accelerator.

Drivers Conditions:
– Older than 21 years old.
– The driver needs to have a valid drivers’ license type A for 300-cc Scooter.

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