Jardines de la Reina “The Garden of the Qeen”

explore the most spectacular and wild underwater life in Cuba

Scuba diving in Jardines de la Reina
“The Gardens of the Queen” one of the main attractions of scuba diving worldwide.This is a spectacular underwater world, whose health of reefs and marine life are intact and at a level similar to when Christopher Columbos discovered Cuba. This underwater Garden of Eden provides a home for a diverse array of marine life. This area has been a marine park for over 20 years and the protection has paid off.

Diving Offers in Jardines de la Reina
Tortuga Floating Hotel, Avalon I Luxury Yacht, Avalon II Sea Dream and  Avalon III Exclusive Cruising Yacht

Protected and Conserved Marine Area
Jardines de la Reina was declared a Natural Park. Its access is restricted and limited. Commercial fishing has been banned from all but the outermost edges of the Park.Jardines de la Reina scuba diving is restricted to ZUSRUP “Zones Under Special Regime of Use and Protection” these protected areas are used in a sustainable way. Tourism and conservation work alongside each other under special rules and regulations.

Marine Life
Diving in Jardines de la Reina is exciting on many levels. There are a number of different dive spots boasting vertical reef walls covered with brightly coloured sponges, huge pillar corrals, biggest populations of adult fish in the Caribbean, Jewfish up to 400pounds, Snappers, Groupers are to name a few. Shark species are abundant Silkies, Reef, Lemon, Blacktip, Great Hammerhead and Nurse Sharks.

Best Time to Dive
The water average temperature is from 26 ° C to 29 ° C and expect amazing visibility of 30 meters (100 feet) or more. Due to the optimal tropical weather conditions of the Jardines de la Reina, diving is possible all year round. Although diving varies only slightly between seasons, the best time to dive is usually December to April.

Dives in the area are generally divided into two categories: shark dives and reef dives and the diving is easy.

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