Cuba currently operates with two currencies, the peso (CUP), which largely circulates in the domestic economy and the convertible peso (CUC) which is  the main currency for tourists. When you exchange your money in Cuba, you’ll get (CUC) in return.

 The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)

  • The national exchange rate: 1 (CUC) ≈ 22 to 25 (CUP).
Money Exchange
  • It is possible to exchange directly at the airport in Cuba. Other exchange possibilities are at most hotels in Cuba, banks and at the CADECAS (money exchange agencies).
  • To inform yourself about the official rate of exchange please follow the link: Bank Metropolitano
  • Before travelling imform your bank or credit card company  about your travel plans. So you’ll avoid unexpected overseas purchase as credit card fraud.

Accepted Credit Cards in Cuba

  • The Visa and MasterCard are currently the available Credit Cards in Cuba.
  • It is possible to pay by credit card, but not everywhere.
  • You can find ATM’s in the bigger cities.
  • Always carry enough cash with you.