Driving in Cuba is a great opportunity for travelers who want to discover the best Cuban destination and enjoy all about its culture and people. Travel on your own across island and plan your daily schedule the way you like. The norms and regulations of transit are very similar to the international ones, especially to the American. Here are some important driving tips that you have to considerate.


  • The signaling of drivers with hands is very typical, usual and many of these are essential.
    When the driver pulls his left hand, pointing to the left, he is going to turn left. Turn right with the right forearm with your left hand. Braking or slowing down with the forearm down the left hand.
    That he would move forward would be moving his left arm from back to front.
  • Driving at night is not recommended due to poor lighting, variable roads, crossing cows and others animals. That’s why we always recommend, do all the transfers during the day, and much better if it is early in the morning.
  • When they lead by some curve, especially the two-way in the same direction, it must drive carefully, because they usually cut the curves and not stay in its lane.
  • All overtaking is by left but it is always advisable to whistle one or two times before making any overtaking. This is especially on road and highways. It can also be the case that you advance on the right, although this is strictly prohibited
  • Take Your Map – Although there is more signalization on the road it is high recommended to take your map, GPS etc. to have better knowledge which is the correct way to reach your destination.
  • Gas – The fuel in Cuba can cause a great headache around the island. Although there are enough gas stations there may be the possibility that in some gas stations there are no fuels, therefore always fill your tank by each stop, you’ll save many inconveniences.
  • In case you receive a traffic ticket, you only have to pay in the place where you must return your rental car.

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Cuban Distance Guide


The island of Cuba is not as small as often suspected. With an area of about 110,000 km². If you want to see a lot from the country, you have to plan accordingly: at least four weeks is necessary to visit most of the interesting cities and regions.

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