Interacting with a village shopkeeper, lingering over a fresh meal and a direct nature contact, experiencing a changing landscape – Travel by Bicycle is about about to enjoy one hundred percent every detail of nature, landscapes, culture and its inhabitants . And there’s no better way to engage with a new destination n from the bike saddle.

Traveling by train or bus can be like watching a beautiful movie going by your window, but biking that same landscape puts you in that movie. You have to get out from behind the windshield and your camera’s display screen to really experience a destination.

Cycling to your destination each day creates the best kind of souvenir, a lasting sense of the road you traveled and the places you visited. A way to capture the spirit of your destination you’ll dance in the streets, learn to craft an authentic mojito, snorkel in the Caribbean, hike to a waterfall, savor fresh food from the farms and the sea, visit with authors and artists, and learn why Cuban cigars are so famous.

Highlight Destinations

Havana to Havana Vinales Pinar del Rio ( Havana / las Terrazas / Soroa / Vinales ) 8 days

Havana to Havana ( Havana / vinales / Maria la Gorda / Soroa / Havana ) 8 days

On the whole, Cuban roads are eerily quiet, and what traffic there is tends to be sympathetic to bicycles. . With Cuba’s fleet of ancient vehicles, prepare to be occasionally engulfed by a cloud of noxious fumes, often just as you’re cresting a hill.