Hire a SUV 4X4 in Cuba

Cuba has some of the most spectacular panoramic tours in the Caribbean. The island of Cuba has extensive rural areas and to some extent its accessibility, especially by car, remains limited. Therefore our SUV are the best travel solution.

SUV car rental in Cuba by tropicalcubanholiday.com

Cuba its infrastructure of the roads are not the newest ones. That is why we recommend to travellers with more plans to experience more of this gorgeous island, to do their tour in our SUVs.

SUV Guide

This new SUV  4×4 will offer you more flexibility and freedom to explore places that a normal motorhome and regular car cannot reach.

A compact SUV gives you the flexibility to drive comfortably anywhere in the country, at a relaxed pace. Maximal fuel efficiency, affordable and comfortable to drive. The perfect size for two. Our rental cars have extra ground clearance. Easy to get in and out. Better views.

A compact SUV is also perfect if you are travelling with a group of friends and would like to enjoy your own activities during the trip. This allows you to be independent as a group and go wherever you want. Especially if you are travelling with a larger group of friends.

SUV car rental in Cuba by tropicalcubanholiday.com

Best Rental Price

This new SUV is a great solution for those who will  long distance touring and wish to see the real countryside of Cuba. 
You will have a well-maintained vehicle, clean and ready for your adventure. These are also the most reliable SUV’s in the industry as it is not suitable for breakdowns during the trip. Furthermore, the price covers a 24/7 service insurance. Without a question we are the best option and the preferred ones.

The reservations must be requested at least 48 hours before the day of the SUV 4X4 pick-up.

*Second driver rates 20 € 
*The mandatory refundable 250 € or $ deposit have to be paid cash on the pick up’s day.
*The insurance covers 24/7 assistance for any breakage
*Unlimited kilometers.
*Valid driver’s license 

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