Scooter Rentals in Cuba

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Riding Around 3 Wheels

Renting a scooter in Cuba by Tropical Cuban Holiday with the best price guarantee is what now 85% of the tourists do. Nowadays there is no better, more convenient and fun way to see Cuba than cruising around the island on a motorcycle.

The new Piaggio MP3 Scooter for rent in Havana by

The Island of Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean Antilles has a great variety of its flora and fauna. From lush green paradises in the South East, through endless white sandy beaches with turquoise water, beautiful sunset, waterfalls, sensational relaxation, colorful culture and a magical gateway will impress and enchant you.

The Piaggio MP3

The new three wheels Piaggio bring more stability, grip and with an all- efficient high performance engine that falls in the 300 cc range for more power and fuel economy.  Therefore is a great rental choice for the travelers.

The Piaggio MP3 is the only scooter for rent on the market to put the extra wheel up front. Each of the two front wheels acts independently based on how much the scooter leans, which results in easier ride in adverse city conditions like slippery roads, riding on tram lines and cobblestones and provides higher levels of road grip and a decreased braking distance. But also for long distances this motorcycle is absolutely faithful to the stability and comfort of its riders.

Motorcycle Rentals in Havana Cuba
Rear brake scooter Piaggio mp3 Rentals in Cuba
Rear brake
The new Piaggio MP3 Scooter for rent in Havana. This is the new highlight for many tourist, who visit Cuba.
Front suspension
Motorcylce Rentals in Havana Cuba
Seat storage for helmets
Motorcylce Rentals in Havana Cuba
Rear shock
Motorcycle Scooter Piaggio mp3 rentals - Havana Cuba
Speedometer Digital Gauges

The Piaggio MP3  boasts top-shelf shocks and has an all-disc braking system on the three wheels. A new range of helmets is available with the Piaggio MP3 range offering hi-tech design, safety, comfort and maximum protection. It’s easier to liken riding the thing to a car without a roof or doors. You’ve still got the thrill of open-air riding but the added security of twice as much front-end grip.

Motorcycle Rentals in Havana Cuba
The Motorcycle Sooter Piaggio mp3 rentals Havana Cuba

Best Rental Price

This Italian art is an awesome rental solution for those who will not ride a motorcycle on a weekend getaway as well. It is great for rent even for long distance touring because it offers faultless ergonomics, the handle bar and saddle are carefully designed to offer a comfortable riding position.

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