colonial treasure surrounded by its wonderful nature

Trinidad, officially founded as Villa de la Santísima Trinidad and called by some historians and inhabitants as The Trinidad or Trinidad of Cuba. It is a city located in the central region of Cuba, specifically in the south of the province Sancti Spíritus, and is the capital of the municipality of the same name. In 1988, UNESCO inscribed in the World Heritage List the Historic Center of Trinidad
Trinidad is distinguished by being the main tourist destination of south central Cuba, with its unequaled architectural values, which rank as one of the best preserved collections of colonial times in America. Along with the splendor of streets and squares, large houses, palaces and palaces, tourists can take pleasure in squares and squares, museums, museum houses and other cultural institutions, as well as several places of entertainment.
The tourist pole of Trinidad, one of the most complete in Cuba, is characterized by an excellent combination of these cultural proposals with its kindness of sun and beach,  such as beaches Ancón, María Aguilar and La Boca.

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Trinidad Sancti Spiritus CU
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