The Cemetery of Columbus

Among miraculous stories, wonderful sculptures and eternal peace

The Cemetery of Christopher Columbus or Necropolis of Columbus is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding cemeteries for its architectural values, its great funerary urban set and the cultural heritage of Cuba is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. With its 57 hectares, this architectural relic has more than 130 years of existence. The monuments built to perpetuate the memory of these personalities and the events that have marked milestones in the history of Cuba are a faithful testimony of the formation of Cuba’s identity.
In 1854, the governor general of Cuba, Marqués de Pezuela, aware of the spatial limitations of the Espada cemetery, conceived the idea of ​​building a new cemetery in Havana, of greater proportions and excellence.
In November of 1870 the Board of Cemeteries, formed since 1866, agreed to open a public tender for the construction of the Cristóbal Colón Cemetery, to which seven projects were submitted, and on July 17, 1871, the winner was declared the winner with the motto : “Pallida mors aequo pulsat pede tabernas pauperum regnum turres”
It was not until October 30, 1871 that the construction began with the laying of the first stone, and on November 22 the work began. After 15 years of work, the construction of the Columbus Cemetery was completed in November 1886.

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