Santa Lucia Beach

discover this blue jewel of Camagüey

Locality that is located 110 km from the city of Camagüey, in the most eastern end of the north coast of the province; To an hour and a half of road trip, pertaining to the province of Camagüey. Its waters are very calm, ideal for water sports, shallow fishing, underwater photocaza and sea baths. The bath areas are very quiet, transparent and sandy bottoms.

It has an extensive coral barrier, the second largest on the planet after the Australian, and the largest in the Western Hemisphere; Which makes it a gigantic pool. It forms part of the barrier reef of the north of the Cuban archipelago, which extends from Punta de Hicacos (Varadero) to beyond the eastern limit of the province of Camaguey. Facing the beach and distances between 200 and 1500 meters, you can see an original spectacle: a long strip of corals breaking the waves as if it were perhaps another shore.

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Playa Santa Lucia Santa Lucia Beach, Camagüey CU
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