Punta Francés

an extraordinary and virgin natural region

Punta Francés, is an extraordinary virgin natural complex, with spectacular sea beds, beaches of turquoise waters and white sand, ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, ecotourism and to spend a time of relaxation in this paradisiacal place.

Its beach is formed by 3 kilometers of wide dunes of fine and white sand, crystal clear waters, with a sea bottom populated by colorful coral reefs, seaweed, anemones, annelids, molluscs, fish, soft corals, crustaceans and a great variety of fish.  Also this region is characterized by its numerous caves, and natural tunnels.

Punta Frances is part of the Punta Frances National Marine Park in the south of the island and it is located on the south western coast, which is approximately 118 kilometers from its main city, Nueva Gerona. Its peculiar name was given in 1826 and it is because in the 1550s the famous French leg pirate Francois Leclerc was very active in this region for his looting and attacks. The Spaniards called him  “Sieur de Roberval”.

Without a doubt it is one of the most spectacular destinations in Cuba. This is why it has become one of the most desired places for snorkerling and diving. Organize your visit and stay in Isle of Youth “Isla de la Juventud” with our support team.

Near this island is Cayo Largo del Sur, another paradise island which offers a magnificent diving tourist package.

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