Plaza Vieja

a charming square in heart of Old Havana

Plaza Vieja is the first planned attempt to expand the city as a response to the urban and commercial development of Havana with transformations to the present.

This public square was initially used for military exercises, executions, processions, bullfights and later served as an marketplace as well as for fiestas, therefore it is one of the most important square of Havana. 

Plaza Vieja is located in the heart of Old Havana, which was originally called Plaza Nueva. That emerged as an open space in 1559, after the Plaza de Armas and San Francisco and also was a residential area of the Creole aristocracy in times of the colony.

In the 18th century the Plaza was converted into a popular market. In 1814 with the birth of the New Market of the Plaza del Cristo, it was renamed Plaza Vieja to differentiate it. The square has also been identified through other names such as Real, Mayor, Mercado, Fernando VII, of the Constitution, Parque Juan Bruno Zayas and Parque Julián Grimau.

Today this completely renovated and wonderful square is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Old Havana surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars.

Do not miss visiting this place.

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