Plaza Jose Marti

The idea of the construction of this square arose in the early 1940s, when an international competition was convened to build a monument to José Martí in that area of the Cuban capital.

José Martí Memorial. Square of the Revolution José Martí

With a height of 112, 75 meters to the tower and 141, 995 up to the lighthouses and flags, the monument to Jose Marti is the highest point of the City of Havana. It has a total diameter of 78, 50 meters. The pyramid, approximately 28 meters wide, has an interior elevator of 90 meters of travel and a staircase of 579 steps

In the area of the base of the monument is the José Martí Memorial, in which are read 79 Martian thoughts engraved with gold letters, distributed in the five rooms that exist there.

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