Playa Maquina “Car Beach”

a small beach paradise you haven't seen

Playa Maquina is a beach of relief and unique environment of its kind in Cuba. This beautiful and pecualiar beach is located southeast of the capital about 160 km from the famous municipality of La Cienaga de Zapata.

This is a small beach with a length of approximately 300 meters of a white coral sand share. Others characteristics are also its typical warm and quiet, turquoise caribbean waters and very shallow for the enjoyment of all, especially if for small children. The beach has a half moon shape and is limited at both ends by the coast called “dog tooth”, it is also surrounded by palm trees, cabbage trees trees and the small town that also bears his name.

Remember that this beach belong to the national park Zapata Swamp, which  is one of best birdwatching areas in the world and has a wide variaty of endemic flora and fauna like Cuban crocodile, National bird Tocororo.

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Playa Maquina, Cienaga de Zapata,
Matanzas CU
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