National Park Marino Punta

The National Parc Marino Punta ounded in 1978, it is located in the southwest corner of Isla de la Juventud, 22 kilometers from the town of Cocodrilo and 122 kilometers from Gerona, capital of this special municipality. It has an area of 6 079 and 4 313 hectares in the sea. Here is one of the best preserved coastal ecosystems in the country. In the terrestrial zone there is also a lush vegetation with its fauna habitat associated with it, which includes Tocororo and Cotorra.

In the underwater, there is a coral reef of extraordinary beauty, virginity and diversity of species, with numerous tubular sponges and abundant caves. It is formed by a large plain of limestone rocks, sandstones and dolomites of recent age, about 84000 hectares in length, with semi deciduous forests and an average height of 6 meters above sea level, separated from the north by the Lanier swamp.

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