Hershey Electric Railway

a living 20th century train more important than ever

The Hershey Electric Railway is an electrified railway from Havana to Matanzas that was built by the Hershey Company in order to transport workers and products after it had bought sugar plantations in 1916. It is a commuter service running in northern Havana and Matanzas provinces using some original equipment.

In 1916 American chocolate maker Milton S. Hershey went to Cuba and fell in love with the country, its people, and its sugarcane riches. Less than 10 years later he had built a state-of-the-art sugarmill, a town, and a railway in the heart of this Caribbean island. Unlike most other industrialists of the time, Hershey loved his employees and treated them well, and they loved him in return.

Since Hershey’s death in 1945 at age 88, the massive operation at “Central Hershey,” Cuba, has changed hands twice and been seized by the government, and today its sugarworks are defunct.
Today this living museum is more important than ever for thousands of passengers transported daily, all thanks to Mr. Hershey.

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