Hanabanilla waterfall, river and lake - the magical Taino region of Villa Clara

Hanabanilla river, lake and waterfall of Cuba that is located in the mountainous areas of the center of the island El Escambray between the provinces of Cienfuegos and Villa Clara. This beautiful lake has a length of 26 square kilometers that is, in fact, a deposit, runs along the northern fringes of the Sierra del Escambray.

This lake is passable in boats which is available for all visitors and to enjoy a typical mountain landscape of this peculiar region of Cuba. The environment of this wonderful lake is composed of several waterfalls, paths for hiking and spectacular views.

According to Taino Aboriginal myths, the Hanabanilla River means a small basket of gold and was the name of a princess daughter of the great Cacique Arimao, who used to observe its reflection in the waters of the reservoir. Arimao was, in turn, one of the fiercest leaders who opposed the Spanish conquest. This is why it is also named after one of its tributary rivers, which is the Arimao river.

Without a doubt it is one of the most spectacular and interesting attractions of the Island.

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