El Yunque

El Yunque of Baracoa. It is the most famous elevation in Guantanamo province. It has a height between 400 m and 575 m, which appears as a result of the differential erosion of limestones and is located approximately 10 km. Of the city of Baracoa, Guantánamo. It presents a form similar to that of an anvil of work to strike metals and constitutes a true artistic work of the nature. It is a natural site with degree of protection value. This site has natural, historical, environmental and cultural values. It is located within a protected area. It forms part of the Cuchillas del Toa biosphere reserve, with the category of Outstanding Natural Element. Paisajísticamente is a site with aesthetic value within the Cuban nature, in the most eastern region of the country and is part of the oldest peniplanación level of Cuba. It is visible from any point of the city of Baracoa. It has a very varied vegetation and fauna, with endemic species. Some researchers place it within the Yateras-limestone formation, constituted by hard biogenic limestones, sometimes aporcelanadas, of rosaceous white color, chestnut, or calcified cream and fossiliferous. It possesses a type of plateau carso constructed by sedimentary layers carbonated.

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