El Malecon

the soul of Havana

This seawall is an iconic and the soul of Havana. The Malecon is located in Havana, the capital of the Republic of Cuba. It comprises a wide avenue of six lanes and a very long wall that extends over the entire north coast of the Cuban capital along eight kilometers.

This is one of the meeting points preferred by lovers, poets, troubadours, philosophers and fishermen. It enjoys a particularly passionate atmosphere during the sunset, as it is here where one can appreciate one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island.

Its main function besides being a strategic work to stop the water, is to be a center of tourist and local attention. The inhabitants of the island closest to the structure often spend the nights and dawns waiting for the sunrise, drinking drinks and singing with guitars under the stars. The Havana seawall, since its construction has become a sign of the island, identifying it anywhere in the world.

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El Malecon, Havana
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