Cienaga de Zapata

Swamp of Zapata. It is one of the most unique sites in Cuba, where several types of marsh ecosystems are grouped. It is recognized as a Cuban National Park

Ciénaga de Zapata is administered as one of 14 municipalities of the Matanzas Province and the municipal seat is located at Playa Larga, at the northern end of the Bahia de Cochinos. In 2004, the municipality of Cienaga de Zapata has a total area of 4,162 km2

The Zapata Swamp is also a particular habitat of the Bee hummingbird, the smallest bird species on the planet The Zapata Swamp is also visited by 65 species of birds during their migration pattern from North America through the Caribbean to South America. The typical species that inhabit the Cienaga are Tocororo, Cartacuba, Zunzunes, deer, Jutias, Cotorra cubana, Gallinuela de Santo Tomás, Gavilán colilargo, Crocodile Cubano, catey, Majaes, Boar.

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