Campervan Rimor

be the first to see places most visitors miss out on by hiring the Campervan Rimor

Cuba the largest of the Antilles is an amazing island to explore. Thanks to the Campervan Rimor you are now available to discover a lot of fascinating places, the flavor of its culture as well as getting closer to the tropical forest, beaches, colonials villages, fields of sugar, its people and more. Wherever you want to call to your holiday, adventure, summer break, family trip, group expedition, motorhome here you can plan your own adventure throughout the island.

Think of all the things you could want in a camper such as have beachfront breakfast, take your mountain bike and  ride your own tours, or just do not have any travel plan and enjoy the spontaneity of the new regions that need to be discovered, all this and more are possible by renting Campervan Rimor.

Campervan Rimor facilities:
This is a confident Campervan Rimor and you’ll still be pretty happy with the Campervan Rimor. Start with a fully equipped kitchen, with a minbar, hot and cold water as well as all your glasses and crockery. This Italian Fiat Ducato Campervan Rimor has sleeping facility for 4 adults and 2 additional little beds for  childrens, air conditioning, proper bathroom, with a shower and one toilet. Exactly what you need after a day exploring in the summer sun.

Top it off with a retractable awning to enjoy the outdoors rest stops, foldable table and four chairs. A spacious living area is also available. Finally, put the lot in an agile, and easy to drive automatic turbo diesel engine vehicle, offering a great autonomy, comfort and safety.

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