Callejón de Hamel

the Afro Cuban celebration place for music, dance and religion

The Callejón de Hamel, is located in municipality of Centro Habana. It is the first mural on public roads dedicated to Afro-Cuban culture. Its name is dedicated to the North American of Franco-German origin who bought some land in the neighborhood of Key West at the beginning of the last century. There he organized a business of raw material and foundry, put to work blacks and Chinese, and even built houses, generous act that did not go unnoticed, because years later a small alley took its name.
Now in the Callejón tribute is paid to the Afro-Cuban culture and is also a sacred place for the celebration of the rites of religion. The most attractive of this unique place lies in the colorful murals that adorn all its walls and that represent as none the religious and cultural syncretism of the island. The drawings reproduce different gods and orishas, spiritual and animal symbols, with poems or legends written in them, about life, love and dignity.
Many matinees are organized, which are like small concerts where they sing, dance and drink usually at noon or just afternoons. From the first day of its foundation, shows and performances were performed with important groups and prominent figures such as: Merceditas Valdés , Celeste Mendoza, Yoruba Andabó, Clave and Guaguancó and many more.
Due to the large number of people, we recommend securing your wallets and backpacks.

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