Letter of the Year 2022 For Cuba

The Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba announced that the ruling divinity of the year that has just begun is Obatalá.

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The Yoruba Association of Cuba announced this January 1st the Letter of the Year 2022. The regent divinity of the year that has just begun is Obatalá, accompanied by Oshanla.
The prophetic prayer that marks this 2022 is “A well of firm health at the foot of Oduduwa”.

Below Original Letter of the Year 2022.

To the priests of Ifa, Oba Oriate, Babaloshas, Iyaloshas, Iworo, to the People in general and to whoever may be interested:
On December 31, 2021 in the social headquarters of the “INSTITUCIÓN RELIGIOSA ASOCIACIÓN CULTURAL YORUBA YORUBA DE CUBA”, located in Prado # 615 between Monte and Dragones, Municipality Old Havana, Cuba, the Priests of Ifa gather to perform the ceremony of THE LETTER OF THE YEAR 2022, Presided by the Elder Priest of Ifa Antonio Sevilla Rodriguez “Awo Babá Ofün Meyi” and the support of the Board of Directors, Council of Elder Priests of the Republic of Cuba and its Extensions of Provincial Functions and guests from other nations. It took out the Letter the Priest Major before mentioned.
Ruling Sign: Baba Eyiogbe.
First Witness: Ogunda Biode.
Second Witness: Ofún Nalbe.
Prophetic prayer: Iré Ariku Oyale Elese Oduduwa (A good health firm at the foot of Oduduwa).
Onishe: Oshún Yalorde Aladimú Oshinshin (Scrambled egg, watercress or purslane).
Ebbó Ni Ifa: Two roosters, porrón, pomegranate, white flag, black flag, Olokun’s water, red mangrove and reef, smoked hutia, toasted fish, coconut, two candles, aguardiente and honey.
Ebbo de Santeros: a rooster, reef, a sponge, sea water, female and male doll, trap. Arrow, a little house, a coconut, two candles, aguardiente, honey, smoked hutia, smoked fish, roasted corn.

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Ruling deity: Obatalá.
Accompanying deity: Oshanla.
Flag: White.
In this sign are born:
-The blood vessels and the lymph.
-The dispersion of languages.
-The great consecration of Ori.
Sayings of the sign:
-The elephant is very strong but not strong enough to defeat the wind.
-No cap can be more famous than a crown.
-The head carries the body and a single king rules a people.
-King dead king set.
-I have all, and all I lack.
-It is a mistake not to learn from one’s mistakes.
-While there is life, there is hope.
-God gives a beard to those who have no jaw.

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Illnesses that are predicted:
-Cardiovascular problems, especially in the mitral valve.
-Diseases of the blood vessels and lymph.
-Nervous system disorders.
-Diseases of the spine and sternum, support of the rib cage.
-Diseases of blindness and visual affections.
-Respiratory problems.
-Viral and sexually transmitted diseases.
-This Oddun suggests organization in all spheres of life.
-It is recommended to the population to give us a snapper to the head previous consultation with Orunmila.
-It is recommended patience and serenity before the problems of life.
-We must be humble and simple, avoid arrogance and bad manners.
-It is recommended to take care of the hygiene and sanitary measures to avoid the propagation of contagious diseases and/or produced by vectors.
-Home cleaning with indigo water.
-Systematic attention to the ancestors with sacrifices and offerings of all kinds.
-Paying more attention at home to the education of children and youth.
-To establish favorable Agreements on Migratory Policies to avoid loss of human lives.
-Strengthen educational and social work to reduce smoking and alcoholism habits in the population.
-To care for and promote mother and child protection programs.
-To respect the institution of marriage.
-To complete and receive Orishanla to all those who have it pending.
-To continue paying special attention to the age group known as the Elderly.

On December 1st the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba had already released a “Pre-opening prophecy for the Letter of the year 2022”, which in that case marked “sickness evil” and provided as an offering “two coconuts, two candles and a pitcher with water”.
In 2021 Olokun ruled in company of Oshún, according to the design announced at the beginning of last year.
The Letter of the Year is the most important ceremony of the Osha Ifa Rule. It is a prediction that is made from a complex oracular system, whose purpose is to achieve harmony and balance, both individually and socially.
Much awaited by Cubans, the prediction of the Letter of the Year is conformed by a set of recommendations and warnings destined to avoid the negative unforeseen events and to transit the coming year with ashé.
The Letter of the Year has been performed in Cuba since the 19th century. The first Cuban babalawo to draw it was Remigio Herrera, Obara Meyi, Adeshina, who was of African origin.

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