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Pasa Caballo Beach in Cienfuegos Cuba

Cuba tours with Eclipse showcase a beautiful country of wonderfully preserved history. We offeraround this central region differents transfer services, horseback tours, around these three beutiful provinces mixefd we our 50s oldatimers. From rich tropical rainforest and stunning sugar field to white sand beaches. These central provinces are perfect for a romantic escape, group trip and sport challengers who want to rock the outdoor.

Villa Clara

Villa Clara, and a significant stretch of Cuba’s gentle but wonderfully scenic central mountain range, the Sierra del Escambray. In particular, their attractive capitals, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara, make convenient bases for that city, sand and sierra combination and though far from cosmopolitan metropolises, and a little lacking in the nightlife and eating-out stakes, are nevertheless both culturally respectable cities, endowed with significant universities, nationally renowned theatres and large and lively central squares. They’re also blessed with some top-notch places to stay, making either city a good place to enjoy a slice of modern Cuba.

Its main city Santa Clara is a neat and quiet city that was founded in 1689. The memorial Museum, built as a tribute to Ché Guevara. La Caridad Theater (1885) and the Leoncio Vidal Park are places that must be seen. The city also has the advantage that its geographical position locates it 267 km from the City of Havana, 74 km from Cienfuegos, 207km from Varadero and only 88 km from Trinidad.

Cayo Santa María, located in Jardines del Rey is 13 km long island covered by excellent beaches of white fine sand  and transparent waters; where the sea bottom with abundant formations of Coral and a great diversity of sea species.

Cienfuegos - the new pearl of tourism

Cienfuegos city the new tourism destination in Cuba

Cienfuegos province was founded in Cuba in 1819 by Don Luis De Clouet a French immigrant. Undoubtedly it is the main attraction of the province, the city of Cienfuegos, perhaps the most beautiful in Cuba, was founded in 1819 with the name Fernandina de Jagua by the Frenchman Don Luis De Clouet and other French settlers from La Lousiana . In 1830 he reached the category of villa and changed his name to Cienfuegos in honor of the governor general of the island, Don José Cienfuegos. The cleanliness of its urban layout confer unique characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of the Cuban cities. Its historic city centre was designated UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005.

Cienfuegos is widely known as the Pearl of the South or the beautiful city of the sea; and even one its most illustrious children, the greatest sonero Benny Moré, used to proudly call it “the city that I like the most”.

Small beaches washed by the Caribbean Sea, like Rancho Luna and El Inglés are located on the shores of the urban area, and constitute ideal places for the practice of Scuba Diving; especially in the stretch between the canal of the entrance to the Bay of Jagua and Boca Ambuila, where, besides the Notre Dame Column Coral but also Pasa Caballo, there are more than 50 diving sites for snorkeling even around sunken ships.

Sancti Spiritus

Trinidad in Sancti Spiritu Cuba - Vintage Vacation

The Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, in the central part of the greater one of the Antilles, stands in faithful exponent of a perfect combination that involves the tourist attractions with unique heritage values. Known in its beginnings like Villa of the Holy Spirit had their original settlement on the banks of the river Tuinicú, to move on the banks of the Yayabo toward 1552.

The province also has the ancient Villa of Trinidad, the third of its kind in the country and with the additional attraction of being one of the best preserved sites of the continent in terms of colonial architecture. The splendour that the boom in the sugar industry led to the locality in the late XVII century spoke the San Luis Valley, also called the Plantations, declared Patrimony of the Humanity and constitutes an important archaeological reserve. In the valley showed almost four dozens of factories of sugar.

The region of clay and fertile terrain is covered by one of the most important mountain systems of the country, the Sierra del Escambray, which is added the contribution of the caribbean beaches bordering the peninsula of Ancon. Its proximity to the massif of the Escambray allows visitors to enjoy the combination of the sea and the heights, with options for the diving thanks to its seabed, of rugged terrain and significant concentrations of black coral.

Enjoy the journey through Cuba’s nature.

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