Rent Campervan in Cuba

There is hardly a more relaxed and individual way to discover Cuba than with a campervan. With this vans you will enjoy the comfort of modern luxuries and the freedom of the Caribbean outdoors. Travel on your own itinerary and set up your camp where you like best is the most exiting adventure that you can experience. The additional costs are low due to the self-catering, especially outside the capital the prices are lower.

The Camper

Campervan & Motorhome Rentals in Cuba

All our campers have been manufactured by the Italian company RIMOR, which has almost 40 years of experience in the development of these. All of them are the same model, Seal 5 of 2015, have been structured on Fiat Ducato Turbo diesel, automatic transmission, offering a great autonomy, comfort and safety as well as its little brother the Dynamic model which accommodates for 2 persons. Both motorhomes have available an enormous storage area under the rear bunk bed, capable of holding a motorbike, bicycles, surf boards, BBQ etc. Other excellent features as standard options are included such as armrests, cruise control, double airbag, ABS, ASR, electric windows, electronic door locking system, central locking system, tinted windows, extended track, crockery, a toilet, shower its towels and retractable awning  with a foldable table and four chairs to enjoy the outdoors during rest stops.

See some details about the Fiat Ducato Seal Rimor & Dynamic:

Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal 5 for renting by
The entrance of the Fiat Ducato. Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal 5 for Rent Cuba.
The entrance of the Fiat Ducato Seal 5 Rimor
Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal 5 Heckgarage
Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal 5 Heckgarage
Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal 5 little bed
Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal 5 little bed
Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal5 toilette and shower
Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal5 toilette and shower
Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal5 kitchen
Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal5 kitchen
Fiat Ducato Rimor Seal 5  with Retractable awning and  foldable table and four chairs
Retractable awning and foldable table and four chairs

Check all technical details about Fiat Ducato

FIAT DUCATO Camper Van inside by

The Benefits of Renting a Camper

You make a camper rental reservation for a certain number of days, without any itinerary; the programming is completely up to you. You can travel from Havana to the tobacco countryside of Pinar del Rio and the gorgeous natural area of Soroa, then visit the wilderness of the Zapata peninsula and the colonial charm of Trinidad, to finally set camp at a green oasis at the white beaches of Varadero. Renting a camper allow you to be transient, flexible, free and make truth the unforgettable memories.
Don’t forget that booking online the campervan by us while the more days you rent more discount you have.

Start the Adventure

Now this confortable campervan Fiat Ducato will be your new home. Remember while it may seem like you can just drive anywhere around the island  you need to have some basic guide of your trip and possible stopping points in order to avoid any setbacks or stress. Keep an open mind while you’re driving and discovering the new destinations and just stop if you see something interesting. Give yourself enough days for your tour, otherwise, you will spend most of your time driving.

Carefully on the Road

Fortunately you will drive a modern and automatic transmission motorhome, however drive a motorhome or campervan is like drive a little truck, therfore you must drive with caution and not fast at all. Since you can find on the road in Cuba, people walking, bicycles, animals and the best prevention is not to drive fast, specially on central road “Carretera Central”, in the villages, cities and rural areas as well the road conditions may not be optimal in some sections. 
Also keep always in mind to driving on main roads although the journey to get to your destination is longer, because almost of these adjacent roads where you could drive directly are under construction and its transit of vehicles is impossible.

The island has two main highways, where you can go forward, one is from Havana to Pinar del Rio on northwest direction and from Havana to Santi Spiritus on the southeast direction. And keep in mind to drive on the main.

Pack the Essentials

In Cuba, it is not necessary to drive far from Havana to be in the wild or enjoy a solitary turquoise water beach, so be thoughtful packing the necessary before leaving the civilization. Here are some suggestion and what you cannot forget to pack.

Cuba electrical system operating at 110V and 220 as a standard.

The internet access can be difficult, depending on the region. That is why we advise you to take your own map. This will get you out of troubles.

Be sure to buy enough drinking water depending on your tour.

One of the best actions you can take for backpacking, for controlling the vehicle or night walking.

These can be practical and use in any situation during your tour, even for hiking and explorin

Store food before you are in the middle of nowhere.

Always fill your tank by each stop or buy some extra diesel fuel.

Have enough cash in both currencies, especially the CUC currency. Details

Keeping a travel emergency kit, this always is usefull for your safety during your travel.

Pack your repellent for avoiding the mosquitoes bites.

You can use spare trash bags to separate dirty clothes as well for your own trash.

Pack the things you want to do in your free time, ride your bike, read a book, play cards or simply chill out on the beach.

Parking Areas

Basicaly you can do free camping, meaning you park anywhere it’s legal. But also Cuba offers officials camping parks, where are all the conditions to supply any need you could have with the campervan.
Actually these are the parking areas to chose from in the western to the central part of the island, located in: Maria La Gorda, Vinales Valley, Soroa, Las Terrazas, Playas del Este (Havana), Jibacoa, Varadero, Playa Larga (Zapata Peninsula), Cienfuegos, Guajimico, Trinidad, Topes de Collantes, Santa Clara, Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Coco. The basic price is 30 $ per parking area.

Cuba Vintage Vacation Parking Area - cuba on the road- campervan rental

Included with the camper rental is the use of the amenities of each parking area:

  • Electricity Connection (1.2 KW / hour), potable and non-potable water supply, (maximum of 4 campers connected simultaneously)
  • Possibility of eliminating waste
  • Security personnel or protected area for the custody of the vehicle
  • Access to public areas of each location such as beaches, swimming pools, gym, sports courts
  • Restaurants, cafés, bars (*)
  • Foods and drinks supply at the shops (*)
  • Maid service for cleaning (*)
  • Customer service (*)
  • Laundry and dry cleaning service (*)
  • Accommodation (*)
  • Optionals offered by each installation (*)
    Note (*): These services have an additional cost, to be paid locally. Availability and prices vary per area.
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